Has anyone setup a collet closer on the 8L?

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I just got my 8L and I’m already over changing the collets. Who’s setup a collet closer and how did you go about it?


I have been thinking about a Dunham air collet closer with foot pedal. the daccom unit is spec. for the higher speeds of the 8l. I asked Tormach tech a while back if they see any problems with this unit like extra weight on spindle bearings or other problems and nobody replied back. Figured I would order one in the next few weeks or so. They have kits that can be adapted. Just need to fab sheet metal mount and maybe a sheet metal blister for 8l motor cover.

DACCOM | Dunham Tool Company

A few people have put the collet closer from the 15L on the 8L and here are a few things noteworthy:

  • the 8L was designed with this closer in mind
  • as Lane pointed out you will need to fab a bracket
  • one customer reported back that he grabbed a cut-to-length draw tube from Dunham but the draw tube that comes with our kit should be long enough if you make some small modifications
  • PathPilot doesn’t have the closer integrated in the ui on the 8L so you will likely want to use the M-code module

I hope that helps

That definitely helps.

I don’t have the capabilities to machine a bracket at the moment unfortunately. Could you point me to someone that has successfully pulled this off?

The bracket can be sheet metal. the closer mounts where the draw tube is! the bracket more or less just keeps the closer from turning with spindle. The closer more or less just floats on the bracket and is mounted to the draw tube. An L shape bracket mounted to the sheet metal that makes a basic connection to the closer is all that is required. You might do a search for picture of how people mount them on 15L . That will give you the idea. tin snips, sheet metal and some screws is about all that is required.

@Lane_Burkhart I poked around at this a bit and here is what I came up with:

  • ultimately, this is an untested situation so I can’t say if you will have any issues or not.
  • the oil mist closer you are looking at is around the same weight as the closer that we offer on the 15L but we haven’t tested that one on the 8L either.
  • the oil mist closer is a little bigger in diameter than ours, which we designed space for. I have attached pictures below of the room available in the 8L spindle enclosure.

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