Game. Changer. - new 1500MX!

Today, we are excited to announce the machine that you all have been asking for, the 1500MX !
I’ll tell you the parts I’m most excited about but feel free to pepper me with questions or check out the 1500MX page for the full story.

  • epoxy granite frame made in the USA
  • the table sits on linear rails that push it 1200 IPM (z: 600)
  • 4HP spindle with 6HP peak capability
  • working envelope: 19.7" X, 13.8" Y, 14"Z
  • wireless probing/ETS
  • 36gal flood coolant kit (optional) comes with a sprayer hose and you can add wash-down bars
  • through spindle coolant and mist collection are coming soon (signup for alerts on the landing page), but every machine comes ready for TSC
  • 23bit absolute encoded servos on everything so you don’t have to reference the machine every day
  • updates to PathPilot to enhance machine smoothing, add length and diameter wear offsets and max tool RPM, to name a few
  • the machine is made in N. America

Dam I wish this was available when I bought my 1100Mx in sep 2022

Looks like a well designed machine!
Your timing is spot on. Been thinking about replacing my 10 year old 1100. :slight_smile:

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Will Tormach be at IMTS 2024 in September?

@Lockheed I will look into that. We will be at Automate in May if anyone wants to see the ZA6 feeding the 1500MX parts!


I see path pilot 2.11 in all the 1500 Mx media. When do we get it?

Can’t wait to see John Saunders review it!


No specific release date for 2.11.2 that will go to all machines. 2.11.0 is the largest change in code we’ve had and the focus for the past year has almost entirely been on 1500MX development so it will take some time and a lot of testing to ensure that we haven’t broken anything for other machines before release.

Thank you,

I reported a problem a while back with coolant button being disabled on the 8l lathe while running programs. I had to roll back the last update on that machine. So far I have seen no other issues on 24r router or 1100 mill. I don’t use conversation code or auto tool change parts on my machines and would never notice problems in a huge section of the PP code.