G38.3 to set new Z0

I’m trying to probe a part in the middle of a process to change the datum from the bottom of the part to the top to manage thickness variations in laminated wood components. I’m attempting to use G38.3 and G10 L20. I understand that the probed Z positon would be kept in parameter 5053 and that P2 indicates G55, so I’ve tried this:

G38.3 F20 Z-0.01 (Probe at F20 towards Z position below part top)
G4 P0.5
G10 L20 P2 X-0.8 Y0 Z#5063 (set Z at probed location for G55)
G4 P0.5

I’ve moved in X because the Z0 is probed for the work at the first datum position and for this command sequence.

Also, I’ve seen mention of G10 writing to EEPROM so that a G4 might be required before and afrter the command ao allow write time.

I recall seeing something about using parameters to set axis positions, but I can’t seem to turn it up again, so I’m not certain about setting Z to the probed parameter.

Any thougts on how to do this properly?


It looks like you’re mixing up G10 L20 and G10 L2. With G10 L20 you want to set your Z value to the value you want it to read, “G10 L20 Z0”.

You shouldn’t need to add the dwell commands.

Thank you,