G30 on Toolsetting Screen

What’s the purpose of the G30 button on the screen where you set the tool length?

When I use the “Move and Set Tool Length” button, the spindle moves very high in Z after it sets the tool length. Is there way to change this so it doesn’t retract so much?


G30 is used as a refernce position, typically as the position to go to to perform a tool change. The button on the offsets page will set wherever the machine is currently sitting as the position to go to when G30 is called.

I’d have to check after I fly back home, but I’m fairly certain that after a tool is touched off the machine will retract to G53 Z0 (home position) and is not adjustable.

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In the version of PathPilot that I use there is a “Set G30” button on the Main screen. Move the spindle where you want it for tool changes or the ends of programs and press “Set G30”.

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Specifying G30 coordinates and configuring PP to move in both Z and XY to change tools can be quite important if you have an ATC, especially if you have long tools (drills) loaded in it that will contact the vise/work if you try to change tools right over your vise and work…

…ask me how I know…:man_facepalming: