G10 offsets not working as expected

I’d like to use G10 to adjust my work offsets, but I want it to be relative. For example, I’d like to change my Z offset by one inch. I tried this code
G91 G10 L2 P2 Z1.0

But this just set my Z offset to 1.0. It didn’t add 1.0 to the existing offset. Is there another way to do this?


You can use G92 to shift the work coordinate.

Thank you,

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier.

The current work offset values are available via
#<_work_offset_x>, #<_work_offset_y> and #<_work_offset_z>

To move the work offset for the current WCS by 1 inch try

G10 L2 P0 Z[#<_work_offset_z> + 1.0]