G code program

Hello all
Does Tormach have a service which is receiving a print and create a g-code for a user like me?
Eric Helfgott

@Eric_Helfgott ,

Thanks for posting this question - it’s asked pretty frequently during pre-sales calls.

Tormach doesn’t offer such a service. If your part is simple you can program it right from the PathPilot controller. If you want to ‘try before you buy’ you can use our web simulator at hub.pathpilot.com to see if you can make your part via our conversational programming interface.

Modern CAD/CAM software has gotten inexpensive and very easy to use. You might find it easier to have this one part programmed for you by a consultant, but in the long run you are way better off learning some CAD/CAM. Imagine buying a table saw but then needing a consultant every time you wanted to adjust the fence. These tools are much more capable if you learn CAD/CAM.

Fusion 360 would be a good place to start - free trials, plenty of YouTube support. SprutCAM is more capable but a bit more complex. There are many other capable CAD/CAM packages out there, other forum users may offer their opinions.

Best of luck!

Try fusion 360. This is its primary purpose.