Fusion post edit

Anyone modify the Tormach fusion post to eliminate the G53 position? I only want the machine to go to G30 at the end of the part and selecting either g28 or g30 does not stop the post processor from writing g53 position.

Theres not a post property for it at all? Fairly certain that there is one for mills.

I’m pretty sure that the old post (that I didn’t download) worked fine. There are 2 check boxes for G28 and G30 z5422 neither one stops the post from writing G53 also. I am not excluding the probability that I am just flat out doing something dumb.


The current post isn’t outputting a G53 move at the end of a program, just a “G30” move. If I check “use G30 Z#5422” then the only thing that it changes is to modify the “G30” to “G30 Z#5422”. What G53 moves are you seeing?


Thank you,

OK I did some experimenting. It only posts the G53 code when I am using machine configuration.

Jon: Thanks for posting this. I was going absolutely crazy trying to figure out how a G53 was being added to my code, bashing the carriage right into the tailstock, rather than stopping at G30 as commanded. So frustrating. Did you ever figure out how to turn this off if one does use the machine configuration in F360?

Jamma, sorry I don’t have any more help to offer on this one. Fusion 360 machine configurations are still pretty poor (at least if not created by the vendor), and the lathe part is really bad so I just stopped using it. When I checked the Fusion library, there are zero predefined machines of any brand for turning. When I tried to edit the machine I created to only x and z, Fusion threw an error that 3 axis are needed.