Fusion 360 (machine connect) supported on tormach?

Wondering if tormach supports machine connect on fusion360. Google search seems confused by the terms.


Can you elaborate on what “machine connect” from Fusion is or does? Have not heard of it.

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Machine connector appears to allow you to connect fusion360 to your mill or whatever and get live coordinate data from the probe.
Oh now that I am reading it looks like haas only at the moment.


Is there a data interface from the path pilot controller to usb or something?

My 1100MX arrives in 2 days!

@Dr_Harold_Jones nope. PathPilot does not have an api or linkable interface like that.
There are some options to use the Probe for part inspection via gcode created in fusion but I don’t know enough about this subject to attempt to explain it.

David Loomes has done great work on this area. You can see some of what he has done here.