Fun with 8L lathe

I fabricated a few of these chess sets, chess boards and storage bases for gifts! I used 8l lathe for all the pieces. 1100 mill with 4th axis and 8l lathe to create the knights and 24r router to create the chess boards with piece storage. Ironcad inovate to create all cnc models and Sprutcam to generate tool paths for 8l Lathe, 1100 Mill and 24r router! Happy holidays!



I love the piece geometry here. My wife has tasked me with making a chess set with some really old brass she brought home from work and I have been stuck on designing some of the pieces. Thanks for the inspiration to simplify things a bit.

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The finished product is beautiful Lane! It is great to see the whole project completed, since I’ve been watching all your social media posts on the different parts! Whoever gets these as gifts will be thrilled.

Thanks so much for the very kind words!
The pieces, like most all of my work is designed to fit a specific size of material “in this case 0.75 bar stock” and be made on one of my Tormach cnc machines. I also use parametric restriction dimensions in most of my models that allow me to size up or down as desired for a given material stock on hand. The thin body was a little problematic to keep material from flexing while running on lathe. Also, I did a number of different knight pieces before I found a design that had the right proportions and detail that I liked. Fun challenging project that used all my machines.

Thanks Becky! I was kind of hiding or not showing the complete finished project because they were going to be gifts to family and patrons of my work :slight_smile:

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