Fun parts

Here is a fun run of parts that is one of the main reasons for getting the 8L. They are caliber specific powder funnels for reloading.
I’ve been wanting to make them for years and finally about a year ago I made one and posted it for sale on a forum and it sold in minutes along with about 30 other order. I was making them on a manual lathe and it took about 45 minutes for a finished part. Now on the Tormach 8L with gang tooling run time is shy of 9 minutes for both ops and almost no finish work.
It took a little trial and error programming the larger open of the funnel along with finding the right speeds and feed for the finish pass. The smallest ID hole is .175 and needs 1 1/4 tool stick out to reach.

Let’s see some other fun and interesting parts made on a Tormach lathe along with the process, tools and hiccups along the way.

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