Fun High School Projects

Trinity High School was grant-funded a (Tormach 1100mx) CNC milling machine to give our students the capability of precision CNC machining. For the following months as their engineering teacher, I started experimenting with Fusion360 manufacturing software, understanding the PathPilot CNC controller, and creating new lesson plans for my Fab Lab courses.

I wanted to focus on fun projects that were made from aluminum to guide my classes through the process of designing 3D models, creating tool-path simulations, and operating our Tormach CNC milling machine. Below is a link to Section 2.3 of my new 2023 Fab Lab curriculum:

^Shown above: Bottle Opener, Threaded Toothbrush Holder, and “T” Medallion with an engraved “Trinity Hillers” on the back


@Brandon_Prentice - welcome to the Tormach user forums!

Those projects look great. I love the toothbrush holder - really cool idea for a student project. Thank you very much for sharing that curriculum as well!

I love those projects! Great document, too.

Be sure to check out the Fusion 360 CAM Samples, too.