Fogbuster not turing on

I am unable to get the fog buster (tormach branded) to work. It Won’t turn on from the control panel.

770MX with latest path pilot

Any suggestions to debug this?

Check the solenoid. Does it have a 110v coil? Have you verified the coolant output works otherwise? If not, check the coolant fuse on the ECM board.

Thanks for helping me get my debugging hat on.

When I plug the the fog buster into the wall (120V) it works. It makes a louder than expected buzzing but it opens and the coolant flows.

Probing the 110V outlet for the machine it is not energized. So probably the fuze…

Do you have a cheat sheet for which fuze it is???

Not at my finger tips but we publish the electrical schematics in the back of the manual. > Support > Mill > 770mx > manuals

Are you trying to turn it on manually after you start a program with the button on the PP screen? After last update I started to have a problem with this on my 8L lathe and reported it to Tormach.
I have a habit of starting programs then after I change a tool I hit the coolant button to allow me to adjust coolant before I allow the program to continue. This stopped working after last update and I had to roll back that update on the Lathe.

Well… Interesting. The electrical schematic showed that there was a 110V outlet for flood cooling and another for mist cooling. There is only one switched outlet on the back of the mill. The software buttons on the control panel show both flood and mist. The flood button on the control panel controls the outlet on the back of the mill. I am not seeing a switched outlet for plugging in the fog buster.

@Marc_Jensen We somewhat recently released a service bulletin on how to add an extra switched outlet. Looks like the file is to large to post on here, but go to and search for SB10828.

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Excellent, much thanks

Direct link to that service bulletin

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