Flush mount ETS

Been thinking of flush mounting my ETS on the front of the table at the same level as the table.

I want it to fit flush to the front drip guard but the obvious issues are. I would have to miniaturize the limit switch and housing to fit between the ETs and the table, and cut a hole in the drip guard. Upside is that I wouldn’t have a fragile piece of equipment taking up space on my table.
I thought of making the top lip of the drip tray a bit deeper so that the limit switch and ETs could fit without modification. That might be the best solution.
Anyone have any ideas.

Very interesting idea…

I haven’t done much on my 440 with stock held on the table to observe and make the connection that this is a viable location within normal travels.

You could replace the two blocks that trip that one center switch with two individual switches wired appropriately for your motion control and then that central area becomes a mounting block/area for the probe on either side that would trip outboard limit switches but you would have to be careful of the dimensions to replicate your current travel and adjustment to get the same travel.

A spare drip guard is not expensive if you want to order a spare to modify or fairly easy to make one yourself to modify if you have a sheet metal brake that can handle the appropriate gauge of metal…