Finished Offset Smoker

Well after a few weeks of work on my offset smoker it is finally finished. I added a flat top cook range above the smoke box. I also made custom racks that slide in and out for easy access to the meat. I designed a charcoal tray to put in the bottom so I can grill cook as well as smoke. The stainless steel stack looks nice against the freshly painted metal. Take a look and leave a comment.

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Dude. That thing is killer. solid work.
Did you shorten the table in front of the grill lid? The first few pictures lead me to believe you would be reaching pretty far but then it looks like you pulled a board out.

Yes I did remove one of the timbers for the table. It was too close to the grill. I ran the table through the planner as well to get the overall thickness down. I feel much better with the finished distance to the grill. I love having the work table in the front. It is very helpful when cooking. I also added hooks below for cooking utensils, which is very helpful.

I think Iā€™m going to require images from the first brisket that goes on that monster. Looks great. Good work.