Feature request

I suppose most everyone uses a cam program, but I don’t have WiFi in my shop, Steel sides and roof block my phone effectively.
But there are a few features I would have liked added on any major upgrade.

1 slot milling started outside the part instead of the middle of the keyway. I like the adaptive tool path but ramping in the center seems unnecessary and slower. Also takes more time to calculate the center of the toolpath to get an open end. Just touch off and go to the end point with a manual machine.

2 Radius on one end of a part. This one I can program without too much pain.

3 Recognizing an existing hole when boring. Right now it takes a few guessses on what line to start on without wasting time or jamming in. The program knowing the hole would allow rapid in.

4 Profiling other than square, example hex or other polygons.

I can code some of this by hand and it is a pain to go back to the house to redo a cam program. I don’t always get it right the first time since I can go a month without touching the machine


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Thanks for sharing this! I would recommend also putting in a formal feature request that will get documented with the software team! Jira Service Management