External interlock

Is there a set of contacts I can use for an external emergency stop? I would like the lathe to shut down if an expernal stop button is pushed… or not let it run until the external interlock is in ready position.

We do sell this:

You would need to mount a box, but wiring the estops in series using these would work.

@David_Jahn - welcome to the Tormach user forums and thank you for posting.

The 15L comes equipped with an external emergency stop. If the 8L is ordered with an operator console the emergency stop is integrated into that console. If you need something beyond the e stop that’s mounted to the lathe or the remote e stop that’s included with the lathe, you would have to wire something up using the components that @jwallner recommended in the post above, or the 24R estop box could be wired to work with the 8L. I hope this helps!

What we need is an interlock so the lathe will not run until the exhaust system is running. I would like to have a set of NO contacts (supplied by our exhaust system controller) that would close when running, then allowing the lathe to run. ( so the contacts would be in series with the ESTOP.)
I hope this explains what i am looking for.

yes it helps I guess I would need to know where to interrupt the E-Stop circuit on an electrical schematic.

@David_Jahn that would be doable. You could insert your switch in series with the standard e stop either at one of the lathe’s estop buttons or at the terminal strip inside the cabinet. The wire numbers are all clearly labeled on the machines.

You would want to have someone with some experience in electrical best practices make these connections. The schematics for both machines are towards the end of the user manuals:

One thing to note is that if you estop the machine then you have to re- reference the axes before running your job again. If you plan on this exhaust system to run all of the time then this probably won’t be a concern, however if the exhaust system will be off and on randomly and you just want to verify that it is running before your program runs then the USB m-code module might be better for this application.