Example of 24r router projects for shop organizing

I Wanted to share another project that uses the 24r router, 1100 mill and 8l lathe! Some simple tool storage racks and expanding arbor tools for work holding. Most everything shown is made from scrap wood, plastic and metal drops that accumulate in my shop. I posted this under 24r router to demonstrate how easy this machine is to setup and use. All models are designed with Ironcad inovate and g-code generated by Sprutcam! The models take very little time to draw and with preset cam templates, I can import and generate g-code to make the part in a matter of minutes. The templates have standard surface, profile and chamfer operations ready for job assignment. If required, I add other operations to complete the part. Many models require just a few clicks to have g-code ready to go. I use similar simple to very complex cam templates for 8l lathe and 1100 mill that speed the process of generating good usable g-code, often with very little effort!

The models for the project.

The 24r router cam setups for tool rack
I used a spoil board and double side tape to fixture the small wood and plastic material for router ops.

Lathe cam setups for the expanding arbors.
Basic lathe template has face, profile and part off operations predefined! I added drill and rigid tap operations to finish these parts!

Mill Cam setup with 4th axis
This cam template has 4th axis setup in machine ready for part model. All other operations were added from my most used 4th axis user operations. In this case, predefined 2d arbor saw and hole drilling operations

Finished tool rack and a few expanding arbors all made with from scraps and drops.

My everyday art to part workflow!

Comments and questions welcome!
All models were uploaded to grabcad for anyone to use and make! “enjoy”


@Lane_Burkhart Gorgeous work, as always!

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Thanks for looking and comments.

Another shop organizing project ready for 24r router to make.
I enjoy drawing / modeling and of course making exactly what I model adds to the enjoyment and overall satisfaction. I decided to model and make a simple dedicated 10 tool and probe tts rack / holder for use at the mill. I made a few tool holders with no dedicated probe storage area and after fiddling with a probe protection cover for a year or so I decided to make a more convenient rack to use. The main idea is to load the rack and organize the tools in a logical order from other tts storage racks and also have a dedicated spot with cover to protect the probe.

Model and picture of standard racks that I have made in the past

Model of new REV 2 rack with probe storage.

Picture of rack with limited probe storage area and protection cover.

The reason for this is mostly to protect probe from anything falling on tip or me breaking it while changing tools when running programs. This is how I broke my last tip a year or so ago.

Anyway, just another fun useful easy to model, cam and make with a router project!
Also wanted to kind of point out that decent cad cam skills and software makes this easy and makes these cnc machines shine like a new penny.
Total time to create model was about an hour. Total time to setup cam toolpaths and produce g-code at most 30 minutes. All done while drinking the morning coffee.

Couple quick pictures of cam tool path setup.
If you look at above project, you will notice it is the same. Just different models.
Reduces the cam time to just model import and job selection mouse clicks for each tool. Then just generate g-code, save files, create some setup and stock size pictures for use at router , send files to machine and you’re ready to make It.

Base tool paths

Rack tool paths

Of course all models are uploaded to grab cad to make or modify. Enjoy
Comments and questions are always welcome.

Oh, when you enjoy the process, it’s not work!


Couple pictures of finished rack with probe holder spot and cover and one picture of basic 10 tts tool rack.

This will help avoid expensive probe tip damage when moving tools on and off rack and if I drop something on tool rack.