ETS with Air Blast!

Hi folks,

Some of you (like me) might have this ETS with an air attachment for automatically clearing the measuring surface:

I wrote a subroutine to trigger a short air blast while measuring the tool, and figured I should share it here. There are detailed instructions in the comments within the file itself, but here’s a quick step-by-step usage guide:

  1. Place the file in your subroutines folder.
  2. If needed, edit the #<ab_relay> parameter on line 28 to the correct output relay on your IO board. By default, it’s set to output zero.
  3. Either from MDI or from a program, call the subroutine by entering: o<measure_tool> CALL
  4. You can also provide the length of time the air blast should last when calling the subroutine - just enter the number of seconds in square brackets following the call statement: o<measure_tool> CALL [3] (this would be a 3 second air blast)
  5. Optionally, you can change the default length of the air blast by editing the #<ab_min_sec> parameter on line 24. Whatever value is entered here is the minimum length of time the air blast can be triggered.

Note that on my machine, anything shorter than 2 seconds sometimes caused an error.

Required hardware:

  • USB I/O Interface (Tormach PN: 32616)
  • 24V Pneumatic Solenoid (I used this one from Amazon)

File download: (1.2 KB)

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