End Mill Storage? Pictures?

Who loves the storage arrangement they have for end mills or tooling in general? I’m working on 3D printing a bunch of Gridfinity stuff to see if that works for me. Does anybody care to post their solution?



The radii are a bit annoying in how they reduce the available space, but otherwise no complaints about my knock off Lista troughs.



I love this drawer. Why does a knockoff cabinet like this cost $500. No prices on the lista site, that adds at least 40% to the price. I would guess this is a $1800 cabinet and the inserts are $300 per drawer. But I want one.

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I went ahead and allocated a four drawer bottom cabinet to my 440. I already see one mistake where I did not put the end mills in top drawer (which is the shortest of the four) so I will be swapping the contents around since that drawer makes more sense for those tools than the one they are currently in.

I am getting the feeling that one cabinet isn’t going to be enough and that it is going to end up being one for cutting tools/fixturing/machine spares and then another cabinet for the measurement tools.

Source for more photos/links to well organized stations from folks who are experienced and have some idea of what needs to go where to optimize the various day-to-day processes?


I get (pretty infrequently) on these organization binges. This 1/4 PVC sheet cut into strips at TAP plastics. With a bunch stacked up for each direction, I milled interlocking slots, and they fit petty well!

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