Electronic Tool Setter setup verification

Just set up a new 24r and it doesn’t seem like the Tool setter is responding. How do I verify it with out just hitting the button and hoping it doesn’t shove the tool through the tool setter? I have turned the ETS on in the settings page. The ACC2 light comes on at the top of the page (by the limit switches. but it doesn’t turn on and off when I depress the ETS top. I feel like it should. I am afraid if I just try to touch the spindle face off on it, it will shove it through and break something because it never “saw” the tool setter signal change.

@James_Thorne Welcome to the Tormach forums!

Just to double check, did you select “Passive Tool Setter”?

On settings page, I selected passive tool setter, part number 50388, under accessory input. 2. When I go to the status tab, accessory input 2 has a green light whether the ETS is plugged in or not and when I depress the button on the top of the ETS the light stays lit.

If you remove the ETS plug, and jump pins four and five with a paper clip, you should see the ACC light change states when the clip is inserted and removed.
If this indeed happens, there is likely a wire issue with the ETS. If this is the case, I would reach out to tech support, about getting a replacement. Jira Service Management

Yes the light shuts off when 4 and 5 are jumpered. Thanks so much I will contact them.