E-Stop switch loose, how to fix?

Hi all!

The estop button assembly on our 1300PL has come loose and spins around (pic at the bottom). To be clear, it’s not the e-stop button, that works, but the assembly it’s attached to, making it extremely difficult to un-e-stop-it.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to get inside that part of the machine to figure out how to reattach it, might anyone have any Ideas what to do?



@Ron_Olson There are 4 screws that hold in that entire piece of sheet metal. Removing this, should let you access the backside of this switch, and hopefully tighten this up.

Hey Sam, thanks for the info! It turns out it was two screws on the side holding the assembly down. I removed those, lifted the piece, and tightened the e-stop assembly. All is good now. Much appreciated!

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