DXF (mill) in conversational tab error

I’m trying to machine a pocket in DXF (mill). When I select INSIDE/LEFT the program will not create an inside toolpath. If I select ON or OUTSIDE/RIGHT it works as expected. In the picture (hopefully I uploaded it correctly) you can see that I’ve selected element 9 and it’s indicating that it should be an INSIDE/LEFT toolpath, but the preview is showing that the toolpath is ON. I’ve double checked that the radius is large enough for the tool that I’m using (.125" diameter end mill in a pocket with .070 radius corners.)
On a previous program I noticed that if I selected INSIDE/LEFT, the toolpath would not generate correctly unless I clicked on another tab such as DRILL and then went back into the DXF (mill) tab and clicked to RELOAD THE PREVIEW. Then the toolpath would be correctly indicated and it would POST PROCESS correctly. This “trick” is not working this time however.

Thanks for any advice!

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@Scott_Galvin Welcome to the Tormach forums!

I would be interested in getting a copy of your DXF, as well as a log file sent to the software team on this one! You can submit a case with files here! Jira Service Management

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@Scott_Galvin I highly recommend updating to the latest version of PathPilot - we fixed several issues in DXF conversion recently and your issue may be solved in the latest version.

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Thank you! I updated the software from 2.4 to 2.10 and it fixed one of the problems I was experiencing. I’ll have to go through and code the whole DXF, but it looks promising!