Dry Run Equivelent


In my past CNC experience the machines that I ran had a dry run button to be able to run the machine locked and see the graphics

Maybe I am overthinking this but I cannot figure out how to run the graphics without the machine moving. I can’t find anything in the manual equivalent to dry run


CAM software might have an option (Fusion360 does)
Otherwise there are also websites you can load the code and check against; https://ncviewer.com/
as well as standalone software; cimco, etc

Thank you for response but it does not address the question. I understand simulation outside of the machine.

What I am referring to is that on the tormach you can write a program in conversational. How can I run THAT simulation without the machine axis movement. Some machines call it dry run some call it machine lock but I can’t find how to do it on the the tormach

@Stewart_McMillan that is something you can do on the hub environment, but there isn’t a function on the PP controller that will allow you to do that.


Curiosity on my part, what do you feel you gain from watching the graphics display run the program vs the static display of the toolpath?

I usually give a new program a 2-3 second look (lowest Z value is what I expect, size is right, etc) and that’s generally enough for me to know if I oopsed a typo somewhere. Especially on a program with a pocket or anything with more than 3-4 operations I don’t hold much hope that looking at the program for much longer will make a small error jump out at me, feed hold is my blanket for those.

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Run it in path pilot hub. Tormach machine simulator.
It’s just like the real thing without the cleanup.

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Maybe it’s a habit from my Mazak and Okuma days. If I make a quick change to the program on the machine I would like be able to see what that process is going to run like. The static version is so hard to see anything with the full path displayed its just solid white lines. On my previous machines I could run in machine lock or dry run and it would run to the M01 in the program and then I could clear the tool path and then run again either single step or full speed to see what happens next. Doing it in hub is fine for when the program is being developed but not when I am at the machine making chips. Maybe I don’t know how to run hub alongside the machine sharing the same file such that when I make an edit on the machine I could then see it on hub immediately without haveing to transfer the file up to the cloud and then back down. I am blown away by what this thing can do and in many many ways it is more powerful than the machines that I had at my company in production. I am still exploring the corners of what it can do.

Stewart McMillan. I’m sure you’re familiar. But changing your Z offset up1" or more and let it run?

Yes there are many ways to skin the cat. Moving it one inch two inches doesn’t always fix the problem however. Lots of things interfere and stroke ends occur.

When I sold my company I had 45 machines and every one had a machine lock mode that would freeze the axis and run the graphics. I am amazed at the power of the tormach control and just kinda expected that it had this capability and that I was missing it.

I guess it doesn’t so I will use the work arounds suggested.

I believe thatbyou canngo to the left side of thenscreen where the code is displayed and uncheck the paths that you dont care to see lime rapid move for example. I happened across it onece. Ill go look in a bit when i fire up my 1100.