Drop Box ending support?

I received an email from drop box…if I’m understanding, no longer can we use Dropbox for cloud use for our projects?
“ We’re writing to notify you that in August 2024, Dropbox will only support 64-bit Linux on Ubuntu 18.04 and higher and Fedora 28 and higher.”
Super bummer. I know nothing about Linux, but I have the 2015 controller, but I don’t know if or even how to update the OS.

The long term outlook for PathPilot 3 is to update the OS that it is based on. Until then, you aren’t able to update the Linux OS PathPilot is running. There is no timetable for PathPilot 3 yet, but it something that is being developed. I would recommend using PathPilot Hub, or networking your controller, for transferring files to your machine, if you do not want to use a USB drive to transfer.