Does the Y axis lead screw get lubricated, Yes it does. And there's a "rumble" when moving in -Y

We have an 1100MX. The Y axis is squealing and moving poorly. Does it get lubricated?

Yes it does ( Thank you DR Jones ). And it is.

More info. The Y axis squeals when moving in either direction, but when moving in the -Y direction I can feel a “rumble” in the entire machine and when I lightly ( and carefully ) rest my fingers on the lead screw. Could it be a bad bearing?

It should be getting oil. Your jib could have slipped. I would take the way covers off and squirt some oil on the ways and check to see if you can push the jib from either side. Have a look at your lead screw at the same time. Blow out any junk on the ways and put more oil. I check my ways frequently and sometimes chips get down between the way cover and the saddle if the way cover isn’t flush.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. One question, what a jib?

Here’s a photo of the axis.

I ran my hand over the screw and it seems well oiled.

This is the gib (the spelling is not compatible with my computer)

If it is loose don’t tighten the screws. You will need to find someone that is qualified to adjust it. A loose gib can throw your machine off, but a over tight gib can destroy the ways in only a few hours. Damaged ways= regrind.
The gib basically a wedge that wedges the table down onto the base. Only this wedge doesn’t jam the two parts together. Instead it holds the table and the ways apart a very precise distance and allows them to slide in one direction. There is a gib on each axis and an adjusting screw on each side. It has to be tight to keep everything together but it has to have room to let oil between it and the ways so everything can move. If it’s over tightened it will grind the ways or even worse it could lock and that’s bad.

I had a rumble on my Z axis and blowing some air at the bearings did nothing but a reboot solved it. Squealing is metal on metal though. The oil lines can get clogged. There is a small square relief groove at the tips of the gib, squirt some oil in there and blow it out the other side. Then squirt in some more oil in. If that fixes it then you probably have a clogged oil orifice.