Does anyone have the toolsetting board schematic?

I’ve got a PCNC 1100 (I believe S3 - it’s from 2016.) We’re trying to install a tool setter. The tool setter conncets to the Mill Operator Panel PCBA J11 in particular. Does anyone have a schematic for this? I’m trying to connect our tool setting to the right pins but probing is giving me some confusing results.

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Here is the schematic:
Mill Operator Panel Ver 1 Rev 4.pdf (32.5 KB)

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Is your toolsetter active or passive. If passive, the mill is looking for a normally closed connection on pins 4 & 5. Note, the pins are not numbered sequentially
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If it’s active and works on 5 volts, again needs to be normally closed. You get 5 volts from pin 1, ground from pin 4. Your signal out is pin 5.


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Thank both of you guys so much. @SamBollen can you correlate the 4 terminals on J1 to their corresponding pins on the round connector? I bought my machine used and I can’t be 100% sure the previous operator wired the connector up correctly.