Display name of current N block

The HSM post generates N10 (myName), N20 (myOtherName), etc lines within the code. It would help our productivity to display this in the user interface during longer runs.
Is there a way to see/display the name of the currently machined block in PathPilot?


Do you mean that your code looks like this:

N10 (myName)
… some code…

N20 (myOtherName)
… some more code…

and that you’d like Pathpilot to always display “N10 (myName)” while running the lines of code after the line with N10 but before N20? Pathpilot is not able to do that.

You could modify the code to have a DEBUG or MSG command that says “myName” and this would show up on the status page. Pathpilot would not automatically change to the status page, you would have to click the button to see it, but the status page tab would change yellow to indicate that a message exists. Or you could have an M0/M1 with “myName” in parentheses as a comment, but that would only show up at the one line of code, not continually.

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Hey Norman,
my Tormach post in HSMWorks is doing that. I would like for PathPilot to use this information and present it on the console, possibly as a small text overlay over the 3D visualization while my program is running. Often one can tell progress in a long program by what tool is currently in, but there might be a whole range of operations with the same tool where its currently impossible to tell at a glance what operation is currently running. Similarly, it would be great if instead of “show current tool only” for the 3D visualization it should also allow to show the current operation aka NXY (Operation name from CAM).
It would be very useful to debug things and generally gauge progress without having to run back and forth to the CAM system.

DMG morí has a feature to display the “list program” that way you can access Directly to any N(number) so you can start machining from any point within the g code.

You can search manually in path pilot and you will have the same results but the list program displays a list with the Gcode lines that contains: N(number) (comments)

That will be great on path pilot.


You can submit a feature request ticket to the PP team here, if you weren’t aware.

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Thanks Norman,
I just submitted this as a feature request.