Diagnosing a malfunction in a Leadshine MX3660 ( PCNC440)

Our XYZ motors and spindle are not responding to any inputs from PathPilot. No fuses blown, no error codes, and all green lights on the Leadshine. We attached a meter to the a- and a+ outputs for the X axis and there was no voltage when attempting to jog the X. Any other ideas before we buy a new MX3660?


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Are your DRO’s moving when you command movement?
If so, it certainly sounds like a drive failure. You can also confirm that 24 and 48v are present at the driver. (330-332 for 24v and 200-201 for the 48v)

That is correct. The DROs change as expected when jogging or attempting to reference, but no movement on XYZ. Also, no rotation on the spindle, when commanded. Wires 330/332 are showing 23.66 volts and wires 200/201 are at 47.5 volts.