Delayed power drawbar activation at startup on pcnc1100 series 3

When I first use the power drawbar after several hour or day non use. I have to hold down on the collet release button or the foot release for 15 to 30 seconds before the pnuematic valve actuates to make the power drawbar work. I have replaced the servo valve a couple times. But it will still not actuate immediately at first startup reliably.

I bought this mill used a three years ago, it was manufactured in 2017 . At the time I bought it had corrosion in the servo valve for the power drawbar that prevented it from actuating. Since replacing the valve, the air filter and air oiler, I haven’t had corrosion in the pnuematics of the mill.

Welcome to the forums, Kirk!

I just happened to notice that I took a case with you already. I would love to dig into this issue with you a bit more. Look for a response on your ticket!

I tried to create a video clip, but today the drawbar wouldn’t fire at all, so the trouble shooting items on the Tormach website will now be more effective. I have the rapid turn installed for the next few days for a paying customer, so it will be a few days before I can probe with the DVM.