Cycle start z homing on 8l lathe

When I start a program that I wrote in the conversational tab in path pilot the lathe always homes z.

Is there a way to stop the machine from homing z at the start of a job?

I see in the settings there is g90 for absolute distance mode and g91 for incremental. Mine is currently set at g90, Im not sure if changing it to g91 will make a difference or will require me to rewrite the program in the conversational tab.

Sorry for my newb question I am brand new to pathpilot. I feel like I’m just overlooking something here.

@Todd_williams the lathe isn’t homing z it is going to g30. G30 is a predefined safe spot for tool changes and such, which can be adjusted. If you have never set g30 then it will be the home position, which is where you got confused.
Be careful, if you change G30 there are a few things you should pay attention to. Make sure that this point is clear for the longest tool and pay careful attention to G30 when going from collet to chuck or drastically changing the material stick out. I…er… my friend… has bounced a tool off a workpiece a few times when not paying enough attention to where G30 was set last.

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I was watching the gcode this morning and found out about g30. I went in and used a semicolon to disable those lines of code. Problem solved. Thanks for the advice.

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