Coolant switching

I have a 15L with turret and gang tooling. Question - how are users controlling the automated switching of coolant between the various outlets when running longer, multi tool programs. Having to pause to open and close valves manually is not really efficient …

@Paul_Prescott You may have some potential utilizing the USB I/O kit for some modification here:
32616 - USB M-Code I/O Interface Kit

I was using the collet closer switch to run an additional coolant pump. Since the latest update of pathpilot that route was closed. I now have an external switch to turn on the second pump.

I’ve done this on my 15L, but in addition to USB/IO kit Sam Bollen mentioned, I made a four 24V solenoid manifold to route coolant and replaced the centrifugal pump with a diaphram pump that puts out about 100psi. There are four 1/4" lines that go from the manifold, 1 to the turret and three to stations on the gang plate. After 6 or 7 years the solenoid to the turret doesn’t shut properly (just needs replacing) but other than that it works incredibly well - and coolant flow with the diaphram pump is instant once the M8 command is issued, so you can start coolant at the ‘Z-safe’ plane, not back when the cross slide begins to move. Also you need to add to the M8 / M9 commands. To: M8 M64 Px (where ‘x’ is the USB/IO ‘address’ - this is 5-8 for a single USB/IO; M8 M64 Px turns the coolant on and energizes solenoid ‘x’, allowing flow through that port; M9 M65 Px turns coolant off and de-energizes solenoid ‘x’. I have parts if you’re interested.


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Thanks guys, that’s food for thought. Question - anyone know what module is used in that kit, looks like a standard bit of IOT kit ? Given the costs of shipping the tormach kit half way round the world I may have to cobble something together locally .

Could you please share the pump and Solenoid Part numbers ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Karlo, the pump is a Pentair Shurflo 4UN55, but it looks like this pump was discontinued, so a call to Pentair would probably get you an updated model number. The solenoids are from STC Valve, model number 2V025-1/8-2-G. You need to modify these a bit to accommodate an o-ring and bolt to a manifold, at least that’s what I did (picture above).

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