Conversationl threading 8L is failing with gcode creation trying to move X axis past maximum

New to the 8L conversational mode. So far all my work has been via Fusion360.
I was trying to turn a 5/16-24 thread via conversational and the post goes fine with the dimensions included etc, but when I run it it complains that I have exceeded the maximum X axis by 27 inches.
Very strange. I have referenced x and Z fine. Another thing I noticed in status was that my encoder counts were negatative which seems wrong.
Running a fusion360 cam against the same thread size works so I am not sure what is going on that the machine thinks I am exceeding the travel in X.

Doing it on the pathpilot hub is fine but I noticed the tool is on the back side, I want my tool on the front side.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Just an update on the encoder, its negative because of the spindle rotation being anti-closkwise so that question is resolved.

I will take a screenshot tomorrow to show the issue I am having

If its out of the work space by that much, I would be curious about your G20/G21 settings.

Good point. Have used conversational a lot on my mills but never on my 8L, I will check it. I work in inches but this could well be the issue
Back after checking

Usually overtravel is caused by not instating the tool properly in X and Z. You are touching the tool off of a known X diameter and Z reference zero, then instating the values with a T101 type command before the operation aren’t you?