Conversational knurling

Anyone have any tips for efficient conversational knurling (using a cut knurling tool not pressure deformation knurling) ?

I’m doing it in external turning ATM but I cannot see a way to eliminate the 1st fast pass and simply do a slow finishing one at the desired diameter.

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When I knurl, I program conversational and manually edit the G code. I start with OD turning and am running 110SFM, 450RPM at .0113 IPR. I set the Z zero where the knurling wheels just touch the part and for the most part just eyeball the X zero. when editing the G code I will delete all roughing passes and this is what I post for the finish pass. I am using a scissor type knurler and so far this has worked very well so far. Hope this helps.

(Finish Pass)
G0 X 0.125
G0 Z 0.00
G1 X 0.00
G1 Z -1.000
G0 X 0.800
G0 Z 0.200


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