Conversational Error in simple program

I tried to turn a profile using conversational for a 3/8-NPT. If I just do the tapered section it works, but as soon as I add a few short diameters at the end I get an error I do not understand. I am getting a concave tool path error but I do not have any curved paths. I have included the chart from the profile window and the errors.

just a last bit of information - I deleted the last line and it worked. Makes no sense to me. Added new information for the last line, didn’t work.


Could you show what info you have in these fields, as well as the tool radius, of whatever tool you are using?

As a follow up to this, I just got your initial points to work, without using a finishing pass at all, and leaving no stock.

In conjunction with this, I also got finishing passes to work, by giving my tool a “0” tool nose radius.

So based on your shoulder being .025, the largest nose radius you can run is .0124. And still reach your maximum .02 finish pass amount

that make perfect sense - the error message is one of those that only makes sense after you figure out how to fix it. Not helpful, but accurate. LOL. I appreciate your help and explanation.