Conversational DXF Mill

Similar to a problem Scott Galvin posted about, but started a new thread.
Was using V2.9.4, the Path would not do anything but was electable. Always centered the cutter whether on inside or outside
As per recommended, I updated to V2.10.1
Now when I upload a DXF file the scale comes up as 25.4 and the dimensions on the part are possibly metric (mm) or just that big but the offset is selectable.
When I change the scale to 1 the dimensions revert to inches or the correct size BUT the Path can no longer be selected, none are highlighted.


@Greg_Inglehart welcome to the Tormach Forums!

For something like this, I would love to get the software teams eyes on things. I would head on over to the customer portal and send in a copy of your DXF, and perhaps some screen shots of what your are seeing on your end! Jira Service Management

Thanks for the response.
Have the options coming up now for the tool offset but as in Ver 2.9.4 the software ignores the offset and follows the drawing line. Have been redrawing the part larger to compensate for the tool dia for now.
Will get a copy of the dxf file tonight and some screen shots.
Off to see the eclipse right now.

Possibly? The processor had to be shut down and restated to finish the new install. Powered it up to get some screen shots and everything seams to be functioning as it should. Generated a couple of inside pockets and all seams as it should.