Conversational cutting direction

The 8L has been in my class for 8 days. Students on it day 3. Love it.

Is there a way to cut from the tailstock to chuck for conversational programs such as taper, rad, chamfer. In some - most actually, I would prefer to cut from the end of the work to the chuck - in the -Z direction.

Welcome Tom! You can by all means use a live center in your tail stock and set your Z0, as the face of the work piece. Then you should have no issues turning toward the chuck. Just make sure there is enough clearance between your cross slide and the tailstock!

Sam, thanks but I think you misunderstood the questions. If I use conversational programing for a radius or chamfer the program generated cuts from the left to the right. I want to cut from the right (tailstock) to the left. (chuck) Is there a way to toggle conversational programing to cut from right to left for radiuses and chamfers? There is 1 of 2 answers, no not an option or I missed something simple. Turning diameters cuts the correct way. I just wanted to use a RH turning tool to cut the rad and chamfers after turning a diameter.

Oh sure, I get what you are saying. If you are programming it separate operation, no I don’t believe there is a way to change the direction. If you obviously program in a chamfer or radius into a profile, it end up cut right to left.