Communication protocol between PP and xsTech Router

I’m new to Tormach, I have a PP controller with xsTech router . I was wondering if PP version 2.7 .1 uses LBP16 protocol for the communication. I don’t find the lbp16.h or lbp16.c files within the PP files. for V 1.8.2 i can see these files. I will appreciate any assistance .

Thank you

@yahya_forihat welcome to the Tormach forums and thanks for posting!

That’s a pretty specific and interesting question. There’s no FPGA in the board that does the xsTech’s motion control, so LBP16 isn’t used/required. We use a variant of Mesa’s smart serial to send velocity and IO commands the xsTech control board.

Why do you ask?

Thank you so much for the answer, I’m doing a research on this machine and need to know what protocol is used to send commands between the PP and xsTech board. the bored used on xsTech router is called “torstep”. would you please tell me more about the protocol used for communication ? why torstep doesn’t have FPGA? I would appreciate your help.