Color chips and/or Color numbers

It often that when cutting metal one ‘chips’ the paint one of the things that would be helpful is if there is a paint number and appropriate RAL / Pantone color to match locally if needed. I love my machines and sometimes when the paint chips externally I would like to touch it up to prevent rust and premature degradation of the components. I’m sure everyone can agree this would be helpful info to have.

p.s. I did try searching for ‘paint’ and ‘color’ on the main website before making this post.

Thank you in advance.

I took a part off the enclosure and brought it to my local paint store. Nearly all paint places have an x-rite machine or equivalent that can scan scan your sample and create a formula for the place to mix what you need.

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Thank you Sam, this is exactly what I was looking for. For future reference how can one get to the the Wiki from the website? I tried many of the links on the main website even here in the forum and didn’t see a way to get to the wiki.

@Richard_Borek if you look in the support tab, under a specific machine you will find the Knowledge base link there.

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