Can't adjust speed during mill program run

PathPilot 2.10.0

I noticed recently that I haven’t been able to override the spindle speed: I change it, but the spindle speed stays the same. I am able to override the feed rate.

I’m not doing anything different, in that I post from Fusion 360 . However, it has been a long time since I last used the mill, and I don’t know if the post processor might’ve changed since then.

Is it possible to prevent the speed from being changed from G-code?

If I just manually set the spindle speed, I am able to adjust it. Just not when a program is running.


This sounds like something the software team would need a log file to take a look at. Head on over to the portal Jira Service Management and submit a case with a log file! Click here to see how to generate a log.

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I finally got a chance to try to reproduce this and get the logs. Turns out, I think I’m just an idiot. I was already at max RPM when I tried to increase the speed, and of course it didn’t change.

Small feature request: change the color of the slider, or limit how far to the right I can drag it if I hit the max RPM of the machine.