Block skip

Is there any way to do a “/” on the PathPilot control? Looking to do a BLOCK SKIP.
I’m looking for a optional block skip on the control. I do see adding a “/” in front of line does skip.


Currently there is not a way to toggle block skip in Pathpilot.

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There is indeed a way to use Block Delete
install the plugin from Xoomspeed (David Loomes)
I use it all the time for in-process probing routines

here is the link to his plugin page
PathPilot Plugins (

His Post Processor is included on your Tormach you just have to use it - I like it way better then the standard one

I incorporate probing of stock and features into every part that I mill
works very well


Thanks for the answers.

If you want to use block skip, then you should also make sure you pick up the latest version of the post-processor from Fusion post processor (

This allows you to right click on any CAM operation in Fusion and set the optional flag to have that operation generated with the ‘/’ character added. There’s also a post-processor setting to make all tool setting and tool checking operations optional. (Weirdly Fusion doesn’t allow the post-processor to access manual NC operations, so making them optional via the right-click approach doesn’t work).

Something to be aware of is that PathPilot, by default, runs with the block skip function turned on, which was a bit of a surprise when I first spotted that was what was happening.


Block delete is available in Pathpilot now with version 2.10!

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Thanks for the info!

When might a new update of Pathpilot happen, still looking to use Block delete!

@Fred_Nies If you update to the latest version (2.10.1) this feature is available.

It is available, but doesn’t function properly. I’ve had discussion with Tormach support staff about the issue.

@Fred_Nies From what I understand from your conversations with Tech Support, the last message sent to you was @jwallner noting the patch to fix the bug was not included in 2.10.1.

I have to remove the “/” to get the program to run those lines of code.
I have a warm-up sub routine at the beginning of every program I use, then another sub routine that will run parts the rest of the day. If there’s a “/” in front of it, it doesn’t run it. I had to remove the “/” to run the warm-up in the beginning of the day. If have to restart the program, I either have to let the warm-up cycle run or edit the program by adding the “/”. I’d like to use the “/”, if I have to restart the program for whatever reason and be able to skip the warm-up.

If I remember right, we were trouble shooting the issue, it happened with regular code also.
So, Block Delete doesn’t work for me.
If you want to discuss more in detail, please let me contact you directly.

@Fred_Nies If you have any more detail to provide to your tech, your last case was TS-11613, I can reopen the case for you if you would like.

No worries. Nothing new to report, I believe the Tech and I both agreed, it didn’t work. That’s why I ask if there was any date planned for next update.


I find that I have to toggle block delete on then off then back on in PathPilot for it to work on the first program run of the day. After that it works as intended. If I forget to toggle it on off on after initial boot up, it does not work.

I gave that a try, works as you said. Thanks for posting. It’s a good work around.
Hopefully the next PathPilot will have that fixed and not to long of a wait.

Hi all - brief update on this issue - I was able to confirm and identify where this issue is coming from in PathPilot. Like mentioned above, I can confirm that toggling the Block Delete on PathPilot startup will get this button back to behaving correctly. Basically what is happening is that there is a mismatch default state for the button in PathPilot and the gcode interpreter, so toggling it gets them back in sync.

I’ve added a fix for this issue in our next build for PathPilot, so once we wrap up a few remaining code changes it will be addressed in the next update. No date on that currently however I will update here once we have a date pinned down.