Block skip

Is there any way to do a “/” on the PathPilot control? Looking to do a BLOCK SKIP.
I’m looking for a optional block skip on the control. I do see adding a “/” in front of line does skip.


Currently there is not a way to toggle block skip in Pathpilot.

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There is indeed a way to use Block Delete
install the plugin from Xoomspeed (David Loomes)
I use it all the time for in-process probing routines

here is the link to his plugin page
PathPilot Plugins (

His Post Processor is included on your Tormach you just have to use it - I like it way better then the standard one

I incorporate probing of stock and features into every part that I mill
works very well


Thanks for the answers.

If you want to use block skip, then you should also make sure you pick up the latest version of the post-processor from Fusion post processor (

This allows you to right click on any CAM operation in Fusion and set the optional flag to have that operation generated with the ‘/’ character added. There’s also a post-processor setting to make all tool setting and tool checking operations optional. (Weirdly Fusion doesn’t allow the post-processor to access manual NC operations, so making them optional via the right-click approach doesn’t work).

Something to be aware of is that PathPilot, by default, runs with the block skip function turned on, which was a bit of a surprise when I first spotted that was what was happening.