Blank screen\lock screen

Is there a way to blank and lock the screen? We have a mill that’s going to used in production. A setup person will get the machine going in the morning, then a production person will operator it. If there’s a way to blank and lock the screen, less distraction the better.

We don’t have a way to lock out the screen in pathpilot. However if you have an Operator Council then you can set the touchscreen sensitivity to 0 (admin command) and pull the keyboard and mouse. That way they are limited to the buttons and knobs on the front

Thinking this will work, since the machine should be all setup having different programs using different work offsets for different fixtures. We could plug the mouse in to select the program as needed.
Would I do this from the MDI area?
What is the format to type?
What is the current touchscreen sensitivity set to by default?


Yep. Type “ADMIN TOUCHSCREEN SENSITIVITY X” (where X = the value you want) into the MDI line. I don’t know the default off the top of my head but I believe it is around 1000. The max value is 2047.