Automatic Oiler

Got a new to me 15L and was just bolting on a new automatic oiler. I have power and its working.
The manual says to set the minutes to 480 minutes (8 hours). It is like it’s in seconds mode. As soon as I set
it to 480(mins) it starts counting down in seconds and 8 mins later it starts pumping. How do I get it out of
seconds mode?

finally found my answer. Thanks for looking

Hi Rick,

Could you include the resolution that you found? Seems that a few of us are having the same problem.

Out of town at the moment and can’t remember the exact procedure. I found my answer on Tormach website under knowledge base. I did a search. There is a sheet to download the settings. If I remember correctly you hold the feed button down for a few seconds and then push the min buttons to change the value. If you don’t find it. I’ll be back around my machine on Wednesday.