Are the Servo motors smoother?

I have the 770M and am quoting a job that I need a fine finish on a radius that I need to mill. Currently with the steppers on another part I can see the steps that the motors have as they travel around a 1.5" Dia. I am wondering if I go with servos will it smooth out the surface? On the other brand CNCs I have with the same program I get a very smooth profile so I know it’s not the program.

I would be curious, are you adjusting your F/S between these machines? Do you see better finish in straight cuts in X and Y?

No adjustment of F&S between the two. I did however speed up the spindle and left the feed to try and clean it up. Went from 2900 to 3700 and saw no difference. I just figured I was seeing the steps from the motors and didn’t investigate further. If you don’t think I should be seeing that then I will look into it more. Quite possible I missed something.

You are actually seeing where the cutter is ingesting a chip and pushing the endmill away slightly. Try a smaller finish pass or finish from the other direction.