APCI Error DSSP parse execution error after Pathpilot update and slow hangs

Hello, i updated my 1100S3 pathpilot to the latest and greatest ver using the USB upgrade got from Tormach then updated via the web. I now have 4 or 5 APCI Error DSSP parse execution errors on boot. it does boot and seems to work and move, I have not tried to cut yet but was worried about the errors, I did not have them before. also, Pathpilot seems to hang now and again, it did not do this before either. I took it off the web after all the updates so I know that’s not an issue with the hanging. any ideas? factory PC that came with the 1100-S3

@chris_wilson do you have an older tower controller?

Yes its a tower like pc ( factory )

Yes its a tower like pc from Tormach that came with my 1100 S3 PP with atc