Any way to show machine coords?

I am adjusting the machine tool setter (24R) and the positions shown in the config screen come up like machine coords… I need to diagnose some issues and would be very useful to see the machine coords… Is there a way to see the machine coordinates and not the work offsets?

@Francisco_Lobo I don’t believe there is a way to directly view the machine coordinates, however I often use the work offsets for this purpose. Since the WCOs are stored in G53 (machine coordinates) then you can pick an unused offset and zero it where you are checking, then look at the offsets table to see where that spot is in G53.
Also note that G53 X0Y0Z0 is the position that the machine moves to when referencing.


If you change to a work coordinate such as G54.1 P432 that has never been set the displayed coordinates are equal to machine coordinates.

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Thank you for the info. Great help!