Any 1500s in the wild?

I’m probably about 2-3 months out from ordering a new machine as an upgrade from the 1100S3 I bought new in 2013.

Until recently I was 95% sure it was going to be a Haas mini, but when the 1500MX was announced it checked all the important boxes for me that the 1100MX did not. I love everything Tormach has done with this machine including bringing more of the manufacturing back across the Pacific, but I am a little wary of the fact that this is both a new machine, new platform, and new manufacturing.

When I bought my 1100 they’d been shipping for over 5 years, so I was pretty comfortable with what was then a big check to write (a whopping $8400 :rofl:) and was not disappointed.

I know this machine is still very new but I’m hoping we’ll start seeing some more videos/comments from owners who paid full price for their machine. No digs intended against any of the influencers out there :upside_down_face:, but it would give me more conviction that I’m not taking a big risk on such a new machine.


I am going through setup of my 1500mx right now and will let you know. I am pretty sure there are others in the wild as my serial number is 10018, so I think there are at least 17 more of them out there somewhere…

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Thanks Travis, hope it goes great!

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If anyone has a 1500MX reasonably close to Dallas, Tx, I’d love to take a look to compare with my 1100MX