Another example router project for shop organizing

Hi Folks,

I saw a nice little shop organizing router project posted, so I thought I’d share my solution to shelving:

It’s a French cleat system that attaches to a wall. I haven’t done a test to failure, but I have a couple of 50lbs boxes straddling 2 ‘trusses’ and they haven’t fallen yet! The shelf system goes around the full perimeter of my shop. I space the cleats far enough down, such that I can fit a 27gallon black/yellow storage tote on top without running into the ceiling.



@Know_Sailing - thanks for the post!

I assume that the header that we see in this photo has a ~40° bevel cut into the back side/top?

Do you mind sharing the CAD? I’d be interested in making a few of these myself on the 24R for the shop.


@Rogge That’s correct, the header has a 45deg bevel cut into the back/top side.

Unfortunately, I do not have the CAD files. I sketched those on a legacy CAD system that now has an expired license. I never bothered with exporting the shelf brackets to a format that would be usable on my current CAD platform before the previous license expired. The G-code files must still be on the CNC machine. The toolpaths have a lot left to be desired, but I’d be happy to share those.