Altnerative mount for controller arm? PCNC 1100 S3

So my machine is placed super snug in a corner of my garage (Third bay) and only leaves me a very narrow pathway to get to the machine. This happens to be right where the controller arm is. So I have to constantly swing it both directions and has instantly become annoying

Anyone move this arm around anywhere else? I have the full enclosure machine.

Can I/Should I just move it to the left side through the stand sheet metal?

Please forgive the mess! I just got this machine 3 or so weeks ago and had to do some crazy stuff to even have enough space for it. Working hard right now to sell and move other machines to have a usable space, but its a work in progress.

My workshop is too small. I have way more in it than should be possible. I needed the floor space required by the swing around control arm for my welders. I was admiring the Xray arm at my dentists and casually asked if he had any spares. He did. I made some custom parts for his compound bow and now have the arm attached to my Lathe. The control now sits above the machine and I just pull it down instead of swinging it around. I pulled ethernet wire through it and bought the unpowered USB to Ethernet adapters. They do not work. I have purchased powered adapters but have not set them up yet. Right now everything is wireless dongles except the monitor.

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