Adding 8L to Fusion machine library?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to select the 8L in the Fusion 360 machine library as it does not show up when I look for it. Also, when I looked on the Tormach site, I was unable to find it there either. Any suggestions? Thanks!

@John_Gerig in most scenarios you don’t actually need to select the machine in your setup, you only need to select 8L post when posting your program. Do you have a specific scenario where you need the machine in your cam setup?

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Thanks for the quick response. I don’t have a specific scenario, I am just trying to walk though an 8L design for the first time and thought it was necessary. I will proceed without and see how it goes. Thanks again for the assistance.

Awesome. Good to hear. That bit hung me up when I first started as well. Good luck.

Just started working with fusion 360. What is the secret to get the fusion generated Gcode to function with the 8L? Seems to have many errors when brought into PathPilot

Todd, welcome to the Tormach forums!

There should be an 8L specific post in fusion.

What post are you currently using?