Add RAM to PCNC 1100 Series 3 to allow Dropbox?

I just took ownership of a near-pristine 2013 PCNC1100 Series 3. I upgraded to the latest PathPilot 2.10.0 and want to add Dropbox connectivity. Unfortunately it seems like my controller only has 2GB of RAM. Is this something that is easily upgraded? If so, any pointers to what I’m after?

Without being able to see what you are using for a controller this answer has to be a little vague but the controller is essentially just a PC. In theory, you could upgrade or replace the RAM that is installed with the correct type for that computer. The older machines used a controller that looked like a small desktop PC. I don’t know the answer for the newer controllers though.

Hope this points you in the right direction. You can always reach out to the support team for more guidance as well!


Hi Tom, indeed, it is a small desktop-looking machine. I opened it up and the motherboard has two memory slots, one of which has a crucial 2GB 240-pin DIMMx64 DDR3. I’m wondering if I should just add a second stick of 2GB or upgrade the machine to have more than 4GB total. Is there any benefit to more RAM?

Again, just personal opinion but I am in the “more is better” camp when it comes to RAM. I wouldn’t go crazy though - things were working well at 2 GB. I typically like to install RAM in pairs as well.

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There are specs on computers that dictate how much total ram you can put in and what the max size of each stick it will handle. You should do some research on what the computer can take before ordering anything.

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I just put 2x4GB for a total of 8GB into what is probably a similar vintage (2015-2016) small PC controller that came with my 440 to enable the new PP camera feature.

I was able to use unranked ECC RAM I had leftover from upgrading a server. It worked on the Gigabyte motherboard. RAM from for that vintage should be pretty cheap and you would want to lookup the model of motherboard installed and confirm exactly what it will accept (form factor, size, speed, most likely not ECC).

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Thanks for posting. I bought Crucial RAM 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz CL11 Desktop Memory CT2K51264BD160B and it works fine. Now successfully posting via Dropbox.